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Star Eyes.

The sempiternal comes for us all, loves us as one.

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Mount Vernon.

Perhaps if I stay awake
I will find the answer to be

If I don’t kill me,
The feeling of being will.

What, then, will matter
After my end?

Went to the Hollaback! meeting tonight. I felt so liberated and high (on life) after sharing my street harassment stories with others.

Thanks so much, Mel! Not sure you’ll ever see this, but you really are doing something great for this world.

From, like, last week.

The only place I feel safe outside in is Mount Vernon.
They treat me like a human being there.

Need to get me one of those lovely ass collars with the chain attached.
..Of course, I’ll have to either detach the chain or keep it inside my shirt ‘cause people are rude as hell.

Anyone in Baltimore (downtown and surrounding) know where I can get one?

Ashes to ashes and
Dust to dust,
One life for another:
Equal exchange, if we must.

They said I have nothing to give,
But the world has plenty to give me;
“Bad girl, bad girl,” like I was a dog—
But lover, you ain’t never known a love
Like this.

I leave residue of heated kisses
In the way dried blood is never fully cleaned
And I just grasp the sun upon my tongue
To drag across your perspiring skin.
Why you sweatin’, darlin’?
Give me your hands and between the fingers,
I will leave…

But you already know, don’t you?
You know the love I’m sharin’ will
Leave you mesmerized,
Breathing rhythmic sighs,
Experiencing inebriation from
A natural high.

Now I know you
And we are one.
Ain’t my love just in the memory
Of your bone marrow now?

Goddamn I hate Baltimore City now. I came here feeling empty, eventually found myself renewed and now I have returned to feeling emptier and angrier. The disgusting amount of street harrassment in this city makes me sob daily and hate going outside.

I should not need my lover to be near me just to keep people away from me. It is not fucking okay to just proclaim “I’m gonna fuck this bitch” or nastily leer at my breasts, you indecent motherfuckers.

How dare you make me feel unsafe walking on the streets and get offended as if I was wrong to ignore you. How dare you make anyone feel unsafe walking on the streets and get offended as if they are wrong to ignore you?!

Not only do I have lewd comments thrown at me, grown ass adults regress into damn children because I dress “alternatively.” I even had a woman call me tacky on the bus and proceed to insult my attire because I wore TOO MANY clothes in the COLD WEATHER. Are these people fucking stupid?

I just.. I can’t.

PS: To the woman/girl who encouraged her guy friend at the subway station to choose me because he needed to fuck someone, you realize they objectify you too, right? Him and his friends that were in the shelter with you. If you like it, fine. But I’d curb stomp the holy mother of all existence out of you if I could for directing his debasing and vile behavior at me. Cunt.

Thank everything my lover has very advanced hearing and notified me of it.